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What We Do

Who we are

88innovations Engineering Ltd is a company of passionate subject matter experts who are devoted to transforming the power of Science, Engineering, Technology and Information technology to achieve your business goals, while advocating for positive social change. It is a concern of Saif Power Group. We have been serving around the globe for more than 27 years. We are a research based group of companies leader in next generation science, technologies, total security including Homeland, IT and Cyber Security.

Why Choose Us

Organizations can achieve the highest possible ROI from their digital implementation efforts.

Our solutions can improve Digital Transformation ROI by the most innovative use of commercial and open source technology to achieve the desired goal.

At 88innovations, our teams have been developing, integrating, engineering and researching next generation digital solutions, systems, platforms and products for the Internet, Business and Industries for more than 27 years. Our focus has always been on delivering flexible, quality solutions for our clients and partners at reasonable prices and in short time frames.

We aim to remove the need for our clients to worry about the underlying science and technology so they can focus on growing their businesses.

88innovations Engineering Ltd provides innovative Science, Technology and ICT solutions with intelligence gained through continuous research, from accumulated knowledge-base which significantly reduce the costs—and risks

Products We Provide A Quality Experience Team with 4 years experience

Our Awesome Work

Data logger

Radar sensor for Sarface water monitoring

Rain Gauge

SCADA Nitrogen Plant

Soil Moisture

Water level including telemetry

Weather Station

Water Quality meter

Services We Provide A Quality Experience Team with 4 years experience

Technology, ICT and Business Consulting

Infrastructure Services

IT Outsourcing Services

Software Engineering

Managed Services Provider

System Integration

Cyber Security

Homeland Security

Digital Agency Services



QA and Testing

Process Engineering

Digital Media Sevices

Digital Commerce

Digital Payment Services









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